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Take the picture! Capture the moment and freeze it in your memory. Years later it is the photograph that triggers the memory of the day, the mood, and its relevance. I found myself studying a photograph adhered in a yellowing album and recalled the circumstances from that day. My grandmother chased a duck then coaxed her gaggling of grandchildren to see her sweet catch. We all cheered and pet the squirming duck. The day went on filled with playtime and ended with dinner together crammed around splintered picnic tables. Everyone boasted about her delicious fried chicken. Somehow I knew better. Through my disappointed eyes and empty stomach, my grandmother realized I was not fooled. The relevance of that day helped mold me into the person I’ve become.

I come from a lineage of ‘creatives’. Whether through pottery, painting or designing, creativity has been in my blood. I began planning parties when I had children and morphed into the wedding industry twelve years ago. If there were a PHD issued based on experiences I would have that diploma hanging proudly in my office. To describe my job simply it would be this: It’s not the photograph I take, it’s the details in the photo which years from now will trigger the memories of your wedding day. From your flawless makeup to your sparkling shoes, from the pearl pins securing your bouquet to the calligraphy’d place cards, and from the double faced satin tied bows to the vocalist singing your mother’s favorite hymn; it was all coordinated by me.

My grandmother handled my disappointment years ago with a sweet-spoken, humorous, and smart response that was meant only for me. Years later, it’s my similar reaction to the countless situations surrounding a wedding which make me a standout in the crowd of talented wedding planners. In order to be really good at what I do I must be insightful, creative, and well-organized; but I must also be able to discern when a sweetly spoken word speaks volumes, or when humor is necessary, and when a wise decision is resting on me.


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